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Epofill Kit

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$95 /5Kg (ex-stock)

Two-component, water-based epoxy plaster to be used for the reparation of industrial floors or any cement surfaces. Thanks to its excellent filling capacity, the product can realize high thicknesses layers after only one coat, and It is able to fill and fix the lesions and the cracks typical of industrial floors. It claims a really quick drying time, and the treated surface can be used, even by heavy vehicles transit, after a small lass of time. Application in just one coat.

Product Description:

  1. Apply using trowel

  2. Quick repair

  3. Suitable for vehicle transit

  4. Excellent adherence

  5. 5x stronger than concrete

  6. Does not shatter or retract

  7. Suitable for all sorts of thickness

  8. Pot life: 1 hour after mixing

Do you have specific requirements?

The listed materials are not exhaustive of our full range of building repair products. If you have specific requirements that you need to meet to repair your building, let us know! We are likely to have a product that is perfect for your application.