Reflective insulation paint

GMT Light Thermal Paint

Replaces ordinary white paint & waterproofing coating

GMT Light Thermal Paint is a top quality waterproofing reflective paint developed to deflect heat from surfaces. This results in cooler walls and cooler buildings. It can be used to waterproof walls, roofs, bituminous coatings, prefabricated panels, cracked and old cement plasters, plastics, and metal. High salt resistance allows for the paint to be used near the sea. Manufactured in Spain.

Product Description:

  1. Good resistance to high and low temperatures, to ultraviolet rays, smog, salts and industrial agents

  2. 99% light reflectance

  3. Water based, it does not pollute and is neither toxic nor inflammable

  4. It creates a continuous film without joints and/or interruptions ensuring an excellent bonding

  5. Non toxic (certified as effective by Chelab Srl laboratory: Scientific Evaluation of 18/09/2000). It can be used as a final coating of tanks, reservoirs for drinkable/potable water

  6. No primer needed

  7. Withstands pressure : 7 atm

A: With no paint, surface temperature (64C), B: With GMT reflective paint (47C)