All-purpose Waterproofing

Watstop Vapour Barrier

1000+ projects in Europe | Replaces common liquid waterproofing solutions

$209 /10Kg (ex-stock)

Watstop waterpoofing paste can be applied on external walls and internal walls to resolve rising dampness on walls by acting as a vapour barrier. Suitable for tunnels, cellars, basements, garages, elevator shafts, underground rooms and any wet support or surface affected by rising dampness.

It can be applied by roll, brush or spatula, and once dried it can be coated with plasters, smoothers, resins, adhesives, coatings, tiles or paints; because it also acts as an adhesion coadjuvant.

Product Description:

  1. Uses 1kg/m² for external walls and 2kg/m² for internal walls

  2. Resistant up to 9.5 ATM of negative pressure

  3. Solvent free

  4. Adheres to concrete, tuff, chipping floor, expanded polyurethane panel, EPS, glazed ceramic tiles, etc.

  5. Excellent waterproofing, and filling properties

  6. Salt resistant

  7. Available in black or white

Waterproofing Best Practices

Watstop can be used on its own, or as a component of a holistic waterproofing system for extended durability and effectiveness. Use Watstop as the waterproofing layer on your concrete surface, followed by coating Acriflex Pro or Floorgum to complete your project.

Acriflex X-Pro

700+ projects in Europe | Replaces current waterproofing, tile adhesion solutions

$219 /20Kg (ex-stock)

Ready-to-use one-component fiber-reinforced liquid waterproofing based on elastomeric resins and fibers with a high modulus of elasticity, resistant to stagnation of water and walkable. The product is easy to apply even with a roller and remains flexible at low temperatures. Acriflex X-Pro is available in various colors and can be left exposed. It creates continuous waterproofing even under the tile.

Product Description:

  1. Uses 2kg/m² for internal walls

  2. Special formula able to give the product high resistance to stagnation and high elastic modulus

  3. Walkable, it can be left exposed

  4. Tiles can be glued directly on Acriflex X-Pro

  5. Resistant to crack bridging

  6. It creates a continuous layer without joints and also adapts to complex substrate geometries

  7. Resistant to UV rays, atmospheric agents, industrial and marine environments

  8. Solvent free

  9. Available in white, black, and red

Waterproofing Best Practices

Acriflex X-Pro can be used on its own or as part of a holistic waterproofing system. If you recognise rising damp problems, you should consider applying Watstop to act as a vapour barrier before applying Acriflex X-Pro. Feel free to discuss the differences between Acriflex Pro and Acriflex X-Pro with our representatives.

Oriplast Reflex

1000+ projects in Europe | Replaces current waterproofing and reflective paints

$248 /20Kg (ex-stock)

Waterproofing and liquid coating formulated with special water-based synthetic resins. It guarantees the reflection of sunlight, decreasing the temperature of the substrate on which it is applied, favoring a considerable energy saving in air conditioning.

To be used as a waterproofing or as an ultra-reflective protective and re-waterproofing coating for bituminous and slate membranes in good condition, substrates in concrete, wood or polyurethane panels. Ready to use and suitable for applications on horizontal, vertical and inclined surfaces.

Product Description:

  1. Uses 2kg/m² for internal walls

  2. >90% Reflectance

  3. The reduction of the surface temperature of the roofs and the diffused light increase the efficiency of the photovoltaic panels.

  4. High resistance to bad weather, UV rays and salty air

  5. Applicable on bituminous and slate membranes in good condition

  6. High elongation flexibility of 327%

  7. It creates a continuous layer without joints and also adapts to complex substrate geometries

  8. Adheres to concrete, wood, galvanised sheet, slate, polyurethane panels, etc

  9. Solvent free

  10. Available in white only

Project Recommendations

Oriplast Reflex can be used as both waterproofing and as reflective paint. Installing bifacial solar panels allows your project to yield significantly more energy than before.


900+ projects in Europe | Replaces traditional cement waterproofing

$287 /10Kg (ex-stock)

Three-component epoxy liquid vapor barrier waterproofing with high resistance to positive and negative thrust, to be used for waterproofing swimming pools, the construction of industrial floors, ground screeds, Decorkrete micro-cement systems and as a base in the application of Decork on horizontal surfaces and vertical. The product is composed of a special epoxy resin (part A), a catalyst (part B) and special cement (part C). Vaposhield is ideal for damp concrete floor.

Product Description:

  1. Uses 2kg/m², apply at least two layers

  2. Drying time: 24h

  3. Suitable for epoxy, polyurethane and microcement systems

  4. Excellent consolidating and filling properties

  5. Ideal for floors without a vapor barrier, before laying the Diasen resin coatings

  6. Solvent free product

  7. Adhesion on cementitious substrates: 1.75 N / mm 2

  8. Decork adhesion on Vaposhield: 1.50 N / mm 2

  9. Epokoat Swimming adhesion on Vaposhield: 2.00 N / mm 2

  10. Resistant to salt and bases

Project Recommendations

Vaposhield can be used over tiles, or directly on moist concrete to reduce hacking cost and surface drying time. Consider using Vaposhield as the waterproofing layer on which you can apply Decorkcrete for a beautiful concrete finish.

Acriflex Anti-root

300+ projects in Europe | Replaces plant root vulnerable waterproofing

$1,153 /25Kg (no ex-stock)

Fiber-reinforced two-component anti-root liquid waterproofing agent. Its special formulation constitutes a barrier against the perforation of the liquid membrane by the plant roots, without causing damage to the plants.

It is the ideal solution for waterproofing green roofs, green walls, roof gardens, foundations, and earth walls under positive pressure. Characterized by a high technological content, it can be applied by roller, brush, trowel, or airless. Highly resistant to wear, freeze and thaw cycles and does not require periodic maintenance. The product is elastic and long-lasting, it is applied cold without joints or overlaps.

Product Description:

  1. Uses 2.50kg/m²

  2. Drying time: 4h

  3. After filming (from 30 to 180 minutes) it is rain resistant

  4. Excellent consolidating and filling properties

  5. High elasticity, break elongation: 336%

  6. Root impenetrable

  7. Resist up to 9.5 ATM of water pressure

  8. Crack Bridging Ability: 3.2mm

  9. High tensile strength

Transparent Waterproofing


500+ projects in Europe | Transparent water repellence for exposed walls

$132 /5L (ex-stock)

Transparent coating solvent, siloxane based, ideal to protect porous walls made of tiles, stones or concrete from rainwater. It doesn't alter the wall color, protecting from ice and blocking dampness infiltrations. It allows the water inside the wall to evaporate, and it makes possible deep impregnations into the wall, even onto slightly humid surfaces.

Product Description:

  1. Uses 0.3kg/m² for surfaces with low absorption rate, 0.5kg/m² for surfaces with medium absorption rate, 0.7kg/m² for surfaces with high absorption rate

  2. Drying time: 2h

  3. It doesn't alter bricks color

  4. It improves the thermal performances of the wall onto which it is applied, protecting it from water absorption and dampness

  5. It avoids mold and efflorescence formation onto the brickwork

O.R.A Antirain

DIY projects | Transparent water repellence for tiled floor

$308 /5Kg (pre-order)

Transparent waterproofing for balconies, terraces and tiled surfaces in general. Solvent based product easy to apply, even for the do-it-yourself market, by roll or brush. It does not alter the aspect of the floor.

Product Description:

  1. Uses 0.2 kg/m²

  2. Drying time: 4h

  3. It doesn't alter floor color and texture

  4. Excellent adhesion to tiles: 3.5 N/mm²

  5. Resistant to weathering and cleaning

Do you have specific requirements?

The listed materials are not exhaustive of our full range of waterproofing products. If you have specific requirements that you need to meet and would like to do so by introducing highly elastic waterproofing materials into your projects, let us know! We are likely to have a product that is perfect for your application.