Skim Coat

Waterproofing Skim Coat

i-bond Skim Coat

Replaces general-purpose skim coat and diffusion-closed waterproof membranes and coatings

$26 /20Kg (ex-stock)

100% waterproof superfine white skim coat. It has dehumidifying and ventilating properties.

Product Description:

  1. Highly breathable and dehumidifying

  2. Fully waterproof

  3. Excellent adhesion to substrate

  4. High resistance to bad weather, UV rays, salty air, and sulphur exposure

  5. Applicable on damp surface manually or by machine

  6. Can correct uneven surfaces

  7. Abrasion resistant

  8. Paintable with any type of masonry paint

  9. Does not crack

Thermal Insulating Skim Coat


Replaces general-purpose skim coat

$39 /25Kg (ex-stock)

Thermal smoothing lime-based plaster to be used in combination with the cork-based thermal renders, to improve the general insulation of the system. The material is composed by natural hydraulic lime, hydrated lime, micro-fibers and special thermal fillers, that is why it owns a certified thermal conductivity value of 0,128 W/mK. The right granulometric assortment, the microfiber-reinforced matrix and the use of specific additives guarantee high workability during the drafting phase and excellent adhesion to the substrates.

Product Description:

  1. 1.2 kg/m² for 1mm thickness

  2. Thermal properties: λ = 0.128 W/ mK

  3. Excellent adhesion to substrate

  4. Fibre-reinforced skim coat with ecological microfibers

  5. Prevents the formation of mold thanks to antimicrobial function

  6. Can correct uneven surfaces

  7. Breathability: µ ≤ 15

  8. Paintable with any type of masonry paint

  9. Does not crack

  10. Class A1 fire rating

Do you have specific requirements?

The listed materials are not exhaustive of our full range of screed products. If you have specific requirements that you need to meet and would like to do so by introducing new screeding materials into your projects, let us know! We are likely to have a product that is perfect for your application.