ALC Panels Project Design

Shop drawings

Our team of architects and engineers are experts at using ALC panels in all sorts of projects. If you would like to use our ALC wall and floor panels, we will be with you every step of the way, from design, to supply and installation, and final inspection for delivery.

Special Projects

Do you require floating platforms on waterbodies for the development of buildings, solar farms, or aquaculture? Speak to us! Due to the low density of our ALC panels, we are able to design ingenious solutions for you and your team to deliver the most innovative floating projects you can imagine.

Green materials for everyday problems

Cork-based construction solutions

We specialise in green building materials sourced sustainably and responsibly. Our Diasen products are made from Cork, a type of bark stripped from the Cork tree. These tree barks are harvested without harming the tree. When cork trees are harvested, each tree sequesters 30% more carbon dioxide than before it was harvested.

Our products are imbued with the insulative, water repellent, and elastic properties of the cork. Speak with us to learn about how you can use this green material for your projects. A representative will be sent to your site to provide you with the best advice and complete solutions to fix your problems.