Specialised Coating


C.W.C Stop Condense

200+ projects in Europe | Anti-mold and anti-condensation paint for cold and poorly insulated surfaces

$129 /5Kg (ex-stock)

White coating, latex-based, with particular mineral powders that, thanks to their insulating features, keep the surfaces warmer, eliminating any thermal bridge. There is a +5°C difference between a surface treated with C.W.C. - Stop Condense and surfaces treated with traditional paint. These extra heat degrees also prevent the air from condensing onto the wall, even if there is relative humidity inside the room (up to 90%), eliminating in this way the formation of condense and therefore also mould.

Product Description:

  1. 0.5kg/m2 of 2mm thickness

  2. DIY solution

  3. Prevents mold growth

  4. Easy to apply

  5. It can be painted over with water-based paint

  6. Physical definitive solution (not chemical neither toxic)

  7. Breathability: 8

  8. Can be used as the finishing or penultimate wall coat

Protective Coating

Aquafloor Eco

Adds to the durability of acrylic and epoxy resin surfaces

$212 /6Kg (pre-order)

Aquafloor Eco is a special transparent water-based two-component polyurethane resin coating. It is used as a final protective layer on surfaces treated with acrylic or epoxy resins, allowing to significantly increase the abrasion resistance of the substrate.

Aquafloor Eco makes the surface walkable, facilitates cleaning and allows the original texture of the substrate to remain unaltered, as it achieves an extremely low thickness. Ideal for covering and protecting resin floors, screeds, and cementitious surfaces.

Product Description:

  1. 0.2 kg/m² for 3 layer application

  2. Excellent resistance to abrasion and water stagnation

  3. Does not alter the colour of the underlying surface

  4. Suitable for protecting the lightweight thermal screed Diathonite Scetto, the cork-based finishes Decork and Diathonite Cork Render, and the Decorkcrete microcement system

  5. Easy to clean

  6. High resistance to freeze-thaw cycles and UV rays

Pool Protector

Satin finish for swimming pools

$230 /10Kg (pre-order)

One-component satin finish with high resistance to UV rays, suitable for protecting and covering swimming pools. Pool Protector has high performance, is flexible, and with high resistance to abrasion, chlorinated water. Achieves a smooth, continuous, and seamless finish. Available in colored or transparent version.

Product Description:

  1. 0.3 kg/m²

  2. Easy maintenance and cleaning

  3. Sparkles on the surface

  4. Colour is UV resistant

  5. Resistant to abrasion and chlorine water

  6. Effective even on damaged surfaces

  7. Suitable for indoors or outdoor pools

Floorgum Paint

Multipurpose walkable synthetic membrane

$230 /10Kg (pre-order)

Liquid coating formulated with water-based resins used as a multi-purpose walkable coating. Creates walkable protective coatings on liquid waterproofing systems, as an alternative to the traditional ceramic tile.

The product is also suitable for the construction of multipurpose playgrounds, cycle paths, delimitation of pedestrian areas, and anti-slip coatings. Resistant to sudden changes in temperature, UV rays, and wear.

Product Description:

  1. 1.2 kg/m²

  2. Easy maintenance and cleaning

  3. It creates a walkable and non-slip coating with low thickness

  4. High resistance to freeze and thaw cycles, UV rays, brackish air, and salts in general

  5. Used for walking and cycling

  6. Can be covered with tiles and other coatings

  7. Colour is UV resistant

  8. High elasticity

  9. It can be applied to complete the waterproofing system

Floorgum Tyre Mono

Multipurpose synthetic membrane suitable for vehicles

$230 /10Kg (pre-order)

Monocomponent multi-purpose driveaway coating, suitable for indoor and outdoor application. It can be used as a protective coating in combination with liquid waterproofing products, making the surface suitable for vehicles transit, or as an alternative to the traditional asphalt surfaces or some other similar coatings. The product is characterized by an excellent resistance against wearing, weathering agents, UV rays, ponding water. Suitable for direct contact with substances such as oils, fuels, and smog.

Product Description:

  1. 1.00 kg/m²

  2. Easy maintenance and cleaning

  3. Suitable for vehicles

  4. High resistance to freeze and thaw cycles, UV rays, brackish air, and salts in general

  5. Used for driveways, carparks, and other vehicle access areas

  6. Colour is UV resistant

  7. It does not turn yellow

  8. It can be applied to finish waterproofing system based on synthetic resins

  9. Solvent free

Do you have specific requirements?

The listed materials are not exhaustive of our full range of screed products. If you have specific requirements that you need to meet and would like to do so by introducing new screeding materials into your projects, let us know! We are likely to have a product that is perfect for your application.