Thermal and Acoustic Screed

Diathonite Screed

300+ projects in Europe | Replaces common screed material

$47 /25Kg (ex-stock)

Premixed fiber-reinforced screed with cork (gran. 0-3 mm), clay, diatomaceous earth and hydraulic binder. Ready-to-use natural compound ideal for making lightweight ready-to-use thermal screeds, for insulating ventilated floors, floors and roofs.

Being lightened it allows to thermally insulate without weighing down the existing floors and structures. Diathonite Screed can be used indoors and outdoors, on new buildings and renovations.

Product Description:

  1. 6kg/m2 of 10mm thickness

  2. Thermal conductivity: 0.060 W/mK

  3. Footstep sound reduction Diafon + Diathonite Screed: 22dB

  4. Impact sound reduction Brick/concrete + Diafon + Diathonite Screed: 58dB

  5. Breathability u-value: 4

  6. Compressive strength: >5.0N/mm2

  7. Class A1 Fire rating

  8. Fibre reinforced

  9. Suitable to drown piping

Complete Floor Insulation Recommendations

To fully insulate your floor, Diathonite Screed is best used on top of Diafon, a soundproof polyester nonwoven mat with a synthetic film for reducing footfalls noise. Especially suitable for floating floorings. Placing between the finishing layer of the systems and the oversite concrete on which the flooring is laid creates a “mass-spring-mass” structure that blocks vibrations by making the floor less rigid.

Do you have specific requirements?

The listed materials are not exhaustive of our full range of screed products. If you have specific requirements that you need to meet and would like to do so by introducing new screeding materials into your projects, let us know! We are likely to have a product that is perfect for your application.